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Hey Everyone!


It’s finally friday, I hope everyone has a good weekend planned. Today is the day the pioneer comes out, not a lot going on with newsroom. I finished both my stories and they are on qnetnews.ca. You should have a look and give me some feed back on what you think please. Today I am going to be going over the pioneer when it is printed to make sure everything is A-Okay.


In Progress

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Today I am finishing up my story on how the Emerald Ash Borer a beetle could be coming to the Quinte area and destroy all of the Ash trees. This story came from the Toronto Star, and how the beetle is in the GTA area already eating away at the trees.

I am also attending a ceremony tonight that will be inducting three people into the Loyalist College Hall of Fame tonight. The inductees are Greg Gavin, Joey Martins, and Jutta Merilainen. The story is a small profile on all three of the inductees and then a quick update on the ceremony from tonight.

What the 2011 budget has in mind for Post Secondary

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The 2011 will be coming this afternoon with $1 billion program, which will allow high school students to attend post secondary. The person generating the idea for the education program is Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff.

The Liberals will be funding the program by cutting back corporate tax money; the money going to high school students will be tax-free. It will be available to students who are from a low-income family or going to college/university after high school.

Also in the budget will be a $309 million going to colleges and universities to create 60,000 new spaces for students. Creating these spaces will allow for more students to attend post secondary education.

For more on both these stories check out http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/liberal-learning-passport-offers-1000-a-year-in-postsecondary-aid/article1961127/ or http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/politics/article/963073–ontario-budget-to-promise-257m-for-kids-mental-health?bn=1

Fighting for the animals

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Fishing one of the major reasons so many marine mammals are going to the brink of extinction. With industrial fishing becoming more popular now that more types of marine animals are in demand. No animal seems to be safe anymore with more types being in demand for food, or even selling on the black market.

When a fish or marine mammal is in danger, they should be put on the endangered. Also there should be a ban on hunting them. To protect the mammal, while allowing them to recover to where the population should be.

In the process of trying to ban the sales of bluefin tuna and polar bear skin around the world. When brought up at a meeting of Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) the ban faced rejection. While on the verge of extinction the beluga needs to have time to recover, but that proposal also got rejected.

“This exploitation is no longer exploitation by traditional fishing people to meet regional needs,” Monaco’s Patrick Van Klaveren told delegates. “Industrial fishing of species is having a severe effect on numbers of this species and its capacity to recover. We are facing a real ecosystem collapse.”

This is not just one countries fault, but al of them, in having to face the facts that the marine population is going down. Due to the fact of industrial fishing not having enough boundaries on certain marine mammals.

With the economy being in the situation where it may ride or fall again, we need to think long term with fishing. Adapting new laws or updating the endangered species list, so those industrial fishermen know it is not okay to kill off our wonderful creatures.

Polar bear skins are in high demand overseas and are worth big buck son the market. With polar bears habitat getting ruined enough already, they are unable to protect themselves from hunters.

These type of actions need to be stopped; we need to fight for our animals. They are as much a part of this world as we are.

Leafs on a hot streak

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Toronto Maple Leafs, not the greatest team, but certainly has one of the biggest fan clubs. With the Leafs not playing there absolute best this season, they seem to be bringing the game up a notch. Fighting to the last possible second of each game, with coming out on top lately, it’s boosting both the players and fans spirits.

The timing may not be great with the Leafs choosing to step up there game now. It seems that since they realize if they work like a team, they have been. Leafs are turning out to be a good team, as though they were an underdog for hockey.

With a huge fan basis the leafs are finally showing there fans they are worth cheering. Working together, while putting all there effort into the games, they have been proving they are winning. Moving up in the ranks is only one way of showing that they are not quitting just yet.

“Most nights when we win, Phil scores a goal,” said coach Ron Wilson.

“He scores almost every game. So it’s nice to play with him, that’s for sure,” said the rookie. “He’s that good of a player. Whenever he’s got the puck, there’s a good chance it’s going in.”

Going from one of the worst teams in NHL to proving that they are good players by winning seven of the past nine games. Whether the win be from a shootout, overtime, or just during the game. They have pulled their socks up and have shown the world they aren’t letting go yet.

Having been through many trades of the players through out the season, they still come together. Having a new player means they need to work twice as hard to show they want the win.

Phil Kessel seems to be one of the players that are on a hot streak with getting a goal in pretty much every game. Bringing the Leafs to a tie, or a win. This rookie shows that you play your heart out you can win.

Guilty or not guilty, that is the question

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With the National Football League (NFL) season at an end the players seem to never stop. Whether it is with training camps or practices for the teams together. With players thinking they have the right to do anything cause they belong in the NFL. Most definitely is not something that is appreciated with the public.

Although all NFL players are good guys, some seem to get into trouble more then others. Whether it be there fault or an accusation made towards them, they are still part of the teams we love.

Accusations have been made towards Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger with sexual assault towards a Georgia college student. With nothing major happening yet, even while police continue to investigate further into the situation.

The two-time Super Bowl champ’s lawyer, Ed Garland, said he has hired his own investigative team. “Any lawyer representing anyone needs to know all the facts so that he can perform his duties,” he said.

Roethlisberger not commenting on anything that is happening, he has hired a lawyer and is fighting to prove his innocence. Even though we all believe that he is truly innocent and has done nothing wrong.

The big NFL player seems to show no emotion towards what is happening so far. Although I believe that he knows he isn’t above the law like most celebrities or big name people feel they are.

Although most feel that he didn’t do it, he has yet to be charged or found guilty. We believe in you.

New Quarterback

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Although they are a Toronto team, the Argonauts seem to be having an okay season with playing in the Canadian Football League (CFL). After the team has experienced the come and go of many players, they are kicking it up to the next level. With the Argos recruiting a new Quarterback for the rest of the season they are hoping certain players will come to try out.

With the loss of their two Quarterbacks last month the Argos have a bigger plan in motion with finding a new one. Even with the team doing decent they still need a QB that is dedicated to winning and the team.

`Anybody that we sign at this point is a candidate for the No. 1 job, but we will not be anointing a No. 1 prior to the middle of June,” said Argo head coach Jim Barker.

“We’re very interested in Gibran,” Barker said. “He has the skill sets we’re looking for. Hopefully, we can get things worked out and he becomes a competitor here.”

“I saw that Toronto kind of swept the slate clean at the quarterback position and I was thinking that would be a good opportunity to go there,” the 6-foot-3, 210-pounder said from his home in Canyon, Tex.

Hearing the great news on his birthday Bell is happy with the offer, after being considered. He feels that the job is meant for him, and he is able to fulfill what the Argos need right now.

Argos coach Jim Barker, is still considering many other players for the job. With the team having almost three months to find a new Quarterback and start rebuilding the team with him. There is still time for change.